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Prime Care Medical Plan - 1st CLASS - Yearly Price Starting at

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  • Area of Cover: Lebanon.
  • Network of Hospitals: All hospitals on direct billing.
  • Limit for In-Hospital Treatments: Unlimited

  • Maternity: Full cover after 180 days of enrollment. (both parents should be insured.
  • New Born Baby: Covered as of day 1, free of charge, until parents policy expiry date.
  • Incubator and Nursery: Unlimited days, up to USD 30,000
  • Congenital Cases for babies born at Securite (Bebe Securite): All cases are covered up to the age of 12 and with no financial limit.
  • Parent Accommodation at hospital for children below age of 12: covered

  • Prothesis:
    • Due to Accident: Unlimited, as per TPA's Tariff
    • Due to Sickness: Up to USD 30,000

  • Additional Inpatient Benefits: 
    • Sleep Disorder Disease: only Polysomnography is covered.
    • Sleep Apnea Surgery: up to USD 5,000
    • Parkinson: Up to USD 5,000 (In & Out) 
    • Epilepsy: Up to USD 5,000 (In & Out)
    • New treatments, Medical Techniques, Surgeries & Tests: Up to USD 5,000 (In & Out)
    • Rehabilitation for a covered case: Up to USD 2,000
    • Infertility: Covered after 12 months of enrollment and up to USD 3,000 per year, for all classes, as per TPA's Tariff.
    • Work Related Accidents: Covered
    • Bone Marrow Aspiration & Organ Transplant Surgery: covered up to USD 30,000 lifetime, as per TPA's tariff. Cost of organ is excluded.
    • Bariatric Surgery related to morbid obesity (e.g. Sleeve and Bypass): covered up to USD 7,500 lifetime, as per TPS's tariff.
    • Tropical Disease: Specific diseases as per general conditions are covered.
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Only specific diseases are covered up to USD 15,000 per year.
    • Breast Reconstruction: Covered if due to a covered partial or complete breast excision due to breast cancer (within 6 month of sickness).

  • Ambulatory Services (Lab, X-RAY, MRI...)
    • Coverage: 85% on direct billing basis
    • Home Care: Covered
    • Rental of medical supplies: up to 1 month rental
    • Travel Insurance: Worldwide excluding USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.
      • Travel insurance up to 65 years of age: Covers 24/7 help desk. Covers death abroad, repatriation of mortal remains, up to USD 10,000. Covers accidental and acute sickness not due to any Pre-Existing condition, up to €30,000 per trip and up to 90 days per year. Card should be requested at least 48 hours before traveling.
    • Private Transportation Service / Private Ambulance: covered
    • Waiver of medical premium of family: Applicable for adherents aged below 65 years, for a period of the policy year and 1 additional year in case of death, terminal illness, or total disability of the bread winner.
    • Death due to accident: covered, up to USD 10,000 per insured

  • Guaranteed Renewability: As per the ministry of Economy (720 days lifetime per insured)