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Dogs Insurance

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What does it Insurance cover?

Emergency Acute Illness.Accidental Injuries.Food Poisoning.Public liability up to USD 400 per year.Aggregate Annual Limit of the Policy is USD 1,500 per Pet per year.No Claim Bonus is granted on renewal. In case of no claim during the year, the PET will be rewarded by a special gift.

What do I do in case of claim?

Visit any veterinary clinic or hospital within the insurer's network, and send us the invoices by email or whats-app chat box on the screenIf the claim is covered, we will reimburse the medical expenses.

What is not covered under this Insurance?

Routine Consultations, Vaccination, Pre-Existing Cases, Congenital Anomalies, Spaying, Cosmetic Surgery, Experimental Procedures, Pregnancy or Delivery, Breeding, Euthanasia.Trained Professional Dogs.Any injury or disease arising from abuse or neglect.

What are the policy specifications?

Minimum Entry Age: 12 Weeks.Maximum Entry Age: 7 years.Waiting period before the cover becomes active: 15 days.Pet should be vaccinated prior to enrollment.A microchip is mandatory for the policy issuance. The microchip is offered at a reduced price.