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Luxury Cars Infinite All Risks Insurance (Car Value between USD 51K and USD 100K), Yearly Price Starting at

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Terms & Conditions

Required Documents:

Car Registration

Drivers license

Car photos of all sides


Dealer repair Covered for cars up to 6 years of age

Third party material liability USD 1,000,000

Fire / Total Theft and Holdup Covered with no deductible

Partial theft for internal parts Covered up to USD 10,000 with no deductible

Own damage Covered

Scratching and denting Covered excluding intentional acts

Personal Accidents Extension:

death for drivers and passengers including family USD 15,000 per person and USD 40,000 in the aggregate

Medical expenses for drivers and passengers including family USD 3,500 per person and USD 15,000 in the aggregate

Depreciation on spare parts:

For cars with agency repair, depreciation does not apply

For cars aged 7 years or less, depreciation on spare parts does not apply if used parts are not available on the market

For cars older than 7 years of age, 50% depreciation on newly fitted spare parts apply

Unlimited coverage on airbags

Road assistance limited to 50 km per ride, 2 rides per year due to mechanical and electrical failure, Unlimited rides per year due to accident

Taxi in case of road assistance following accident covered once per year

Delivery of car from garage to client house covered in case of accidents and for garages within our network

Replacement car 7 days in the aggregate, starting the 1st day of reparation, or USD 40 per eligible day

Replacement car in case of total loss USD 450

Total loss:

Reimbursement of the depreciated value of the car

Registration fees in case of total loss: An amount of 3% of the depreciated car vehicle value is reimbursed

Litigation expense USD 5,000 per year

Hail, storm, tempest and flood covered up to the depreciated value of the car

Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions covered up to a maximum limit of $50,000 in the aggregate

Cover while in custody of valet, car wash, & workshop Covered

Additional conditions (USD 100 deductible will apply)

If the age of owner is between 22 and 25 Add premium by 15%

If age of driver is below 21 Add premium by 15% and deductible of USD 100 on each and every loss

If car manufactured in 2010 or before a deductible of $100 is applicable on each and every loss, alternatively, add USD 80 to the annual premium to remove the deductible