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Private Home All Risks Insurance - Yearly Price Starting at

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Terms & Conditions

Special Notes:

The contents in safe cover extension is subject to sufficient security measures.

For tailored policy refer to the company.

Fine arts and valuable items exceeding 10% of contents, should be specified and declared separately

Contents will be considered on agreed value basis upon submission of a detailed list of items with their respective market prices

Property All Risks as per LM7 wording

Neighbors', co-owners and third parties recourse

Loss of rent/ loss of use/ alternate accommodation (across 6 months)

Forest and bush fireLoss due to falling trees, and/or electrical poles 

Landslide due to an insured peril

Automatic capital addition clause Up to 10% of contents 

Automatic reinstatement clause subject to prorated premium

Small site of work / workmen clause Relief of average clause 20% 

Third Party Liability:

Maximum per claim and per period of insurance $100,000


Burglary against forcible entry including damage due to break in | Hold up | Contents in safe

Workmen's Compensation
Workmen Compensation up to 2 named worker

Medical Expenses $2,500/person/period

Weekly indemnity $50

Death & Permanent Disability $10,000/person /period

Complementary covers: 

Removal of debris,

Demolition, architects and surveyors’ fees,

Fire department charges,

Accidental discharge of sprinklers,

Expediting expenses/extra charges for airfreight/overtime work

Impact of vehicle,

Animal/cattle belonging or not to the insured or his family members & servants or under his custody

Natural perils:

Earthquake, storm, tempest, flood, tsunami and landslide

Other Benefits:

Plate glass and mirrors

Smoke damage

Bursting and overflowing of water tanks, pipes & apparatuses extended to cover overflowing of diesel tanks and sewage pipes

Cost of search of water damage loss $2,000

Rain water $10,000

Water damage liability towards neighbors $10,000

Belongings of servants & visitors covered following insured perils $2,000

Reconstitution of documents (e.g. passport, ID, property title, etc.) $2,000

Electrical fluctuation (damage to electrical equipment) $5,000

Accidental breakage (excluding personal belongings) $5,000