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Drone Third Party Liability Insurance

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Terms & Conditions

What does Drone policy insurance cover?

Bodily injury

Material damage

Caused to third parties resulting from the use of the drone

What are the information required?
Drone model and serial no.

Name of the Insured

Copy of ID and register commerce

Full address and telephone number

What are the special conditions?
The drone should be:

Used by the Insured

Operated and regularly maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations

Subject to a license permit by the Lebanese army, which all conditions are applied

What are the Drone Insurance product Limitations?

$ 5,000 bodily injury

$ 5,000 material damage

$25,000 per policy period

What should I do in case of claim?

Call us 24/7 for assistanceInjured person will be sent to a hospital within the network list, and medical expenses reimbursed on 3rd class treatment basis.Policy holder should be legally liable for the occurred damages under the Lebanese Jurisdiction and Civil Law.

What are the special exclusions?
Professional & product liability

Any kind of consequential loss

Contractual liability

Pure financial losses

What is not covered under Drone Insurance?

Damages to the drone itself

Any discrepancy with the conditions imposed by the Lebanese army