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Private Cars All Risks Insurance - Elite Plan (Car value up to $50K), Yearly Price Starting at

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Terms & Conditions

Required Documents:

Car Registration

Drivers license

Car photos of all sides

Product Condition:

These rates are applicable for private cars. Special cars, sports cars, luxury cars & cars above limit require referral.

Sum insured = Car value in fresh USD

Premiums payable in fresh USD

Covers clients at 100% for partial and total loss as per chosen plan

In case of total loss, depreciated car market value will be paid in fresh USD


Dealer repair offered wherever rates apply, up to year of manufacturing 2017

Third party material liability USD 1,000,000

Bodily Injuries (BI) $500,000 cover in excess of compulsory BI, provided that the original compulsory policy in LBP is issued with us.

Fire / Total Theft and Holdup covered with 10% deductible

Partial theft for internal parts Covered up to USD 5,000 with no deductible in the aggregate

Damages to the insured vehicle are covered

Scratching and denting covered excluding intentional acts

Personal Accidents coverage: death for drivers and passengers including family

USD 25,000 per person

USD 50,000 in the aggregate

Personal Accidents: medical expense for drivers and passengers including family

USD 7,500 per person

USD 30,000 in the aggregate

Depreciation on spare partsnot applicable for cars with agency repairIf car is 7 years or under, no depreciation on spare parts will apply if used spare parts are not available on the Lebanese market; otherwise, 5% depreciation per year will apply with a maximum of 30%

Airbag Unlimited

Unlimited kilometers and frequency per year due to accident or mechanical/electrical failure (cover granted after 5 days from policy issuance due to mechanical and electrical failure, subject to new policies only)

Replacement car benefit: 10 days in the aggregate, starting the 3rd day of reparation ($35 per eligible day)

Replacement car in case of total loss USD 350

Total loss: Depreciated Market real car value will be paid, subject to 10% deductible

Strike riots and civil commotion:

For car value $0-$30,000: Covered up to a maximum limit of $5,000 in the aggregate.

For car value $30,001-$50,000: Covered up to a maximum limit of $10,000 in the aggregate.

Hail, storm, tempest and flood Covered, up to the depreciated market car value of the insured vehicleThe insured vehicle will be covered while in custody of valet, car wash, and workshops.

Additional deductible

If age of owner is 21 or younger mandatory additional deductible of $100 on each and every loss