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Private Cars All Risks Insurance - Basic Plan (Car value up to $85K)

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 Required Documents:

  1. Car Registration
  2. Drivers license
  3. Car photos of all sides

Product Condition:

  • These rates are applicable for private cars. Special cars, sports cars, luxury cars & cars above limit require referral.
  • Sum insured = Car value in fresh USD
  • Premiums payable in fresh USD
  • Covers clients at 100% for partial and total loss as per chosen plan
  • In case of total loss, depreciated car market value will be paid in fresh USD


  • Dealership repair is not granted.
  • Bodily Injuries are covered up to $250,000 in excess of compulsory BI, provided compulsory BI is in force with us
  • Third party material liability $1,000,000
  • Fire / Total Theft and Holdup covered with no deductible, based on market real car value.
  • Partial theft of internal parts (by force): Covered up to $1,500 with no deductible in the aggregate
  • Damages to the insured vehicle are covered
  • Scratching and Denting are covered up to $150 excluding intentional acts.
  • Personal Accidents coverage: death for drivers and passengers including family
    • USD 15,000 per person
    • USD 50,000 in the aggregate
  • Personal Accidents: medical expense for drivers and passengers including family
    • USD 5,000 per person
    • USD 20,000 in the aggregate
  • Depreciation on spare parts: No depreciation will apply on new spare parts for car age 0 to 2 years in case used spare parts are not available on the local market. Otherwise, 10% during the year following manufacturing year, and 5% per year for the following years with a max of 50%
  • Airbags are covered 
  • Road assistance: Unlimited kilometers and frequency per year due to accident or mechanical/electrical failure (cover granted after 5 days from policy issuance due to mechanical and electrical failure, subject to new policies only)
  • Replacement car: 5 days in the aggregate, starting the 2nd day of reparation, or $25 per eligible day.
  • Replacement car in case of total loss USD 250
  • Total loss, the depreciated market value of the car is computed, subject to 10% deductible
  • Registration fees in case of total loss: up to 7.5% of the depreciated market real car value will be paid.
  • Litigation expense $2,000 per year
  • Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions (SRCC): Covered up to a maximum limit of $1,000 in the aggregate.
  • Hail, Storm, Tempest and Flood: Covered up to $1,000

Additional deductible

  1. If age of owner is 21 or younger mandatory additional deductible of $100 on each and every loss
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