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COVID 19 - Platinum Travel Insurance Lebanon

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Terms & Conditions

Required Docs: Copy of Passport

Age Limit: 86 years old

Medical Services

Medical expenses incurred during hospitalization USD 150,000

Medical expenses (Related to COVID-19) USD 75,000

Emergency medical evacuation: USD 1,000,000

Emergency medical repatriation: USD 1,000,000

Transportation of mortal remains: USD 1,000,000

Compassionate visit: USD 10,000

Return of minor children: USD 10,000

Convalescence Expenses: USD 1,000

Dental emergency due to accident: USD 750

Sea and mountain search and rescue: USD 50,000 

Medical Assistance

Telephone medical advice: Free of Charge

Arrangement of hospital admission: Free of Charge

Monitoring of medical condition during and after hospitalization: Free of Charge

Medical translation service: Free of Charge

Delivery of essential medicine: Free of Charge

Travel Assistance:

Loss of Passport: USD 500

Luggage delay up to USD 500

Loss of Luggage: USD 25/kg up to 40 kg

Flight delay: USD 250

Trip cancellation up to USD 5,000

Trip curtailment: USD 400

Changes in Tickets / Postponed Flights up to $100

Emergency traveling service assistance: Free service.

Emergency interpreting assistance: Free service.

Personal Accident Common Carrier:

Accidental death: USD 75,000


Age 12 years or Less: NIL

Age 13 - 64 years: Nil

Age 65 - 70 years: $450

Age 71 - 75 years: $2,000

Age 76 - 86 years: $4,000