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Dogs & Cats Insurance

Dogs & Cats Insurance

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What does Pet Insurance cover?

  • Emergency Acute Illness
  • Accidental Injuries
  • Food Poisoning
  • Public liability up to $400 per year
  • Aggregate Annual Limit of the Policy is $1,500 per PET per year

What do I do in case of claim?

  • Visit any veterinary clinic or hospital within Securite Assurance network (attached to the policy), and send us the invoices by email on
  • If the claim is covered, we will reimburse the medical expenses
  • A 24/7 Hotline is ready for your assistance by calling 1534

What is not covered under Pet Insurance?

  • Routine Consultations, Vaccination, Pre-Existing Cases, Congenital Anomalies, Spaying, Cosmetic Surgery, Experimental Procedures, Pregnancy or Delivery, Breeding, Euthanasia
  • Trained Professional Dogs
  • Any injury or disease arising from abuse or neglect

What are the Pet Insurance product specifications?

  • Cost of Policy USD: $120
  • Minimum Entry Age: 12 weeks
  • Maximum Entry Age: 7 years
  • Observation period before the cover becomes active: 15 days
  • PET should be vaccinated prior to enrolment
  • A microchip is mandatory for the policy issuance. This microchip is offered at a reduced price.
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