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Securite Assurance sal

Essential Care - Yearly Price Starting at

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Terms & Conditions

For people aged 55 years and above: An accompanying child is mandatory and a physical examination is required at the company’s expenses

Area of Cover: Lebanon.

Network of Hospitals: Limited Network (See Below - Subject to change without prior notice) on Direct Billing.

Limit for In-Hospital Treatments: $150,000

Emergency Room:Full Cover


For Couples: Full cover after 360 days of enrollment. 

For Single Mother: Full cover after 360 days of enrollment.

New Born Baby: Covered as of day 14, if eligible, free of charge till expiry date of the mother's policy

Epidural: Covered

Incubator and Nursery: Unlimited days, up to $10,000

Screening test for baby: Up to $100

Congenital Cases for babies born at Securite (Bebe Securite): All cases are covered up to the age of 12 and up to $10,000 per year.

Home care:In hospital treatments administered at home are covered

Prosthesis: (a device designed to replace a missing part of the body or to make a part of the body work better)

Due to Accident: Up to $10,000 per year as per TPA's Tariff

Due to Sickness:Up to $7,000 per year as per TPA's Tariff

Additional Inpatient Benefits:

Dialysis for acute renal failure, excluding arteriovenostomy: Covers up to 3 sessions during first initial admission

Sleep Disorder Disease: Polysomnography is covered.

Epilepsy:Up to $2,000 (In & Out)

New treatments, Medical Techniques, Surgeries & Tests:Up to $5,000 (In & Out)

Rehabilitation for a covered case: Up to $2,000

Breast Reconstruction: Covered if due to a covered partial or complete breast excision due to breast cancer within 6 months of the sickness

Infertility: Covered after 12 months of enrollment and up to $1,000 per year, as per TPA's Tariff.

Cardiovascular disease: Limited to $100,000 

Coronary Stent / Valves: covered up to sickness prosthesis limit

Valves: covered up to sickness prosthesis limit

Work Related Accidents: Covered

Bone Marrow Aspiration & Organ Transplant Surgery: Covered up to $10,000 lifetime, as per TPA's tariff. Cost of organ is excluded.

Cancer Disease: unlimited

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy: Up to $100,000

Morgue / burial expenses following a covered hospitalization: up to $1,000 for all adherents aged 64  and below.

Epidemic / Pandemic Diseases: Up to $10,000

Out of hospital benefits / Ambulatory Services (Lab, X-RAY, MRI...): Direct billing as per limited network

Coverage: Up to $2,000 per year, 85% coverage on direct billing basis

Morphological Echography: once per pregnancy

Triple test: covered once per pregnancy

Dental panoramic: covered if due to a covered accident and up to 9 months after the accident occurrence date

MRI:covered subject to a prior approval

Pet scan: covered subject to a prior approval

OCT: covered subject to a prior approval

Osteodensitometry (for insured age 50 yrs and above): Covered for a specific medical reason

Physiotherapy and kinesitherapy: 15 sessions per year 

Additional Benefits:Guaranteed Renewability: 720 days, lifetime subject to an observation period of 180 days for new members.

Pre existing conditions in hospital: Covered after 1 year for new members.

Authorized Limited Network of Hospitals (Subject to change without prior notice)

Beirut Rosary Sisters Hospital

Beirut Hopital Libanais Geitaoui - Centre Hospitalier Universitaire

Beirut Sahel General Hospital

Beirut Hotel Dieu de France - University Medical Center  ( for major cases that cannot be conducted in other hospitals ad subject to pre-approval 

Beirut Beirut Eye & Ent Specialist Hospital

Beirut Najjar Hospital - General Hospital Institute

Bekaa Rayak Hospital

Bekaa Al Tatari Hospital - Baalbeck

Bekaa Bekaa Hospital

Bekaa Khoury General Hospital

Bekaa Al Assy Hospital

Bekaa Al Rayan Hospital

Bekaa Chtoura Hospital

Bekaa Al Mayyas Hospital

Bekaa Dr. H. Farhat Hospital

Bekaa Hopital Universitaire Dal Al Amal

Chouf Ain Wazein

Jbeil Hopital Notre Dame Maritime

Keserwan Keserwan Medical Center

Keserwan Mgr. Cortbawi Institute and Rehabilitation Hospital - Adma

Metn St. George Hadath Hospital

Metn Middle East Institute of Health - Bsalim

Metn Clinique du Levant

Metn Hopital Hayeck

Metn Hopital St. Joseph

Metn Jopital Dr. Serhal

North Batroun Hospital

North Family Medical Center - FMC

North New Mazloum Hospital

North Sheikh Khalaf Hamad Al Habtoor - Medical Line

North Hopital Islamique de Bienfaisance - Tripoli

North Hopital Al Koura

North Hopital Albert Haykal

South Lebanese Italian Hospital

South Raee Hospital - Saida

South Alaaedine Hospital - Sarafand

South Kassab Hospital - El Hlaliye Saida

South Jezzine Governmental Hospital

South Nakib Hospital

South Secours Populaire Libanais

South Tebnin Governmental Hospital

South Fakih Hospital

South Hiram Hospital

Authorized Limited Network of Laboratories & Diagnostic Centers (Subject to change without prior notice)

Aley Aley Medical Laboratories

Baabda Al Saha Medical Lab &  Poly Clinic

Baabda Laboratoires Rahhal d'Analyses Medicales

Baabda Aya Lab Diagnostic sarl

Baabda Hara Medical Center

Beirut B Positive Medical Services sarl

Beirut Centre Medical Mar Elias sarl

Beirut St. Marc Medical & Diagnostic Center

Beirut MEDEX Medical Center

Beirut Laboratoires Du Musee

Beirut American Diagnostic Center sarl

Bekaa Health Diagnostic Center

Bekaa Analysis and Diagnostic Center

Bekaa Laboratoire St Georges - Zahle

Bekaa Medical Care Laboratories - MCL

Metn Trust Medical Center sarl

Metn St. Marc Medical & Diagnostic Center

Metn Centre Medical Dora (C.M.D.) sarl

Metn Medzone sarl

Metn Laboratoire d'analyses medicales - Dr. Elie Hraoui

Metn Laboratoires Dr. Joseph Mrad d'analyses medicales sarl

Keserwan Centre de Biologie Moleculaire Polyvalente (BMP)

Keserwan Elite Medical Center

Keserwan Elite Diagnostic Center

Keserwan Dr. Chelala Laboratories

Keserwan USEM - Unite Specialisee d'exploration Medicale

North Al Koura Laboratories for Medical Analysis

North Trad Radiology Center

North Dagher Medical Laboratories sarl

South Al Mashrek Medical Diagnostic Center - Tyr

South Family Clinic sarl

South Family Medical Laboratories