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Vans & Busses

Vans & Busses

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Liability Insurance

    Period: 365 days as of inception.

    Please send your motorcycle registration via WhatsApp using the chat dialogue box

    • The Compulsory Bodily Injuries policy covers hospital bills due to bodily Injuries caused to third parties up to:
      • $400,000 for Mini-Vans
      • $400,000 for Cargo Vans
      • $400,000 for Bus (up to 11 passenger)
      • $450,000 for Bus (12 to 24 passenger)
    • The Third Party Liability policy covers material damages caused to third parties up to the financial limit here below:
      • $250,000 including Towing for Mini-Vans 
      • $250,000 including Towing for Cargo Vans
      • $150,000 for Private Bus (up to 100 passenger)
      • $200,000 for Private Bus (12 to 24 passenger)
    • Towing benefits for Mini-Vans and Cargo Vans include:
      • 40 kms per ride
        • Unlimited rides due to accident
        • 1 ride due to mechanical or electrical failure
      • Cover granted 5 days from policy issuance due to mechanical or electrical failure, for new policies only. Renewed policies are exempted from this limitation.
    • Required documents for Vans and Busses insurance:

      • Copy of the Vehicle Registration
      • Owner's Driver's License
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